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Uber Faces Lawsuit After Nurse Suffers Severe Brain Damage

The damaged 2009 Nissan Murano owned by Uber driver Ingrid Parra, who crashed in December in Miami Beach and injured a couple visiting from South Carolina.

In Miami, Florida, a South Carolina couple has sued Uber following devastating injuries they suffered when their Uber driver turned and crashed into oncoming traffic. The couple was in Miami for a medical conference in December 2015. They hailed an Uber and when they left their hotel the driver turned onto Collins Avenue and immediately crashed into another car. The driver was cited by police for failing to yield to oncoming traffic. The husband, a gynecologist from Charleston, South Carolina, broke his leg and his wife, a nurse anesthetist, suffered brain injuries requiring several surgeries. Currently, she must wear a helmet to protect her skull pending her next scheduled surgery. She loved helping people through her work as a nurse but, sadly, she may never be able to do so again due to the severity of her injuries.

This lawsuit is the latest, and at least third within the past six months, against a ride-sharing company like Uber and comes on the heels of ongoing debate among local lawmakers in South Florida. There has been pressure from taxi associations on lawmakers to increase regulations of ride-sharing drivers but, given the popularity of such services, there has been great pushback from Uber, including threats to remove the service entirely from certain locales.

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