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Dog Bites Lawyers For Maryland

A bite or attack from a vicious dog can be a traumatic experience for anyone. Legally, dog owners have a responsibility to ensure their pet is properly restrained when out in public. Failing to do so can leave them open to criminal liability and a potential personal injury lawsuit.

Injuries from a dog bite can be serious. If a dog has bitten you or your child, you have options for obtaining compensation. Often initiating a lawsuit is the only way to cover medical bills and other related expenses. Filing a lawsuit may also be in the animal’s best interest, as it can expose conditions of abuse and neglect that would otherwise have gone unnoticed.

What You Should Do After Being Bit by a Dog

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, don’t panic. Acting erratically will only stress the animal out, potentially causing it to attack you again. Instead, back away slowly and calmly.

Once you are safe, your first concern should be getting medical attention. If the injury is bad, go to the nearest emergency room and get it taken care of. If the dog does not have an owner and shows any signs of behaving strangely, get medical attention immediately, even if the wound is not severe — rabies is a fatal disease that requires treatment immediately after exposure.

If possible, speak with the owner and get their contact information. You may also wish to collect the names and telephone numbers of anyone who witnessed the incident. To help you remember later, write down exactly what happened.

Once you are sure you are okay, your next step should be to speak with a dog bite attorney. Maryland and Washington, DC all have statutes of limitation on how long afterwards you can file a personal injury lawsuit. Beginning the process early not only helps you avoid this, it also allows you to collect supporting evidence and testimony while the incident is still fresh in everyone’s mind.

What Can You Sue For?

The specifics of which type of compensation you can seek vary with the severity of the incident. A dog bite lawyer can review your case and advise on your options.

Generally speaking, compensation may include all relevant medical expenses, as well as any prescription drugs or rehabilitation deemed necessary by your physician. If the accident causes you to miss work, compensation for lost wages may also be part of the settlement. In severe cases in which disability or disfigurement is a result, the animal’s owner may be liable for your loss of earning potential, diminished quality of life and pain and suffering.

Contact Shulman Rogers for Assistance With Your Case

The dog bite attorneys at Shulman Rogers have a long history representing clients in all types of personal injury cases. We offer supportive counsel every step of the way, beginning with your free initial consultation with one of our lawyers.

Dog bite victims — no matter how minor their injuries — owe it to themselves to fully explore their options following a traumatic incident. Based in Potomac, Shulman Rogers is a lawyer for dog bite victims in Potomac, MD and throughout the metro DC area. Call our office to schedule your meeting with our team today.