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Aviation Accidents


Shulman Rogers has successfully represented clients in aviation death cases.  Our attorneys recently concluded a complex aviation death case involving the deaths of multiple family members, spanning across several jurisdictions. Fighting on behalf of the surviving family members and estates of the deceased clients, our attorneys were able to effectively litigate the case and achieve a favorable settlement.

This litigation included complicated jurisdictional issues regarding the most appropriate forum state for the case. After a heavily contested full evidentiary proceeding, we convinced the court to transfer the case to a jurisdiction more favorable for our clients.

There were also issues of insurance, pilot error, manufacturing defect and equipment failure in the case, all of which played a factor in the case. Since there were multiple deaths, damages in the case reached a multi-million dollar level. After many of the issues were successfully resolved in the clients’ favor, the case was ultimately settled by agreement of all parties for a confidential amount.