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Child Injuries In Maryland

Maryland Child Injury Lawyers

When a child is injured, it’s only natural to want them to get the best care possible. If that injury has occurred as a direct result of the negligence of others, you have legal options that can put quality medical care easily within your reach.

At Shulman Rogers, we know how stressful it can be to deal with a child’s injury. Professional, knowledgeable representation from a child injury lawyer can go a long way towards simplifying matters. Our team will help you file an insurance claim and explore your options for legal action against the responsible parties. Start the process today by contacting our toll-free hotline or scheduling your free initial consultation online.

Child Injury Cases We Handle

As much as we try to make the world safe for our children, accidents do happen. However, there’s a clear line between an unavoidable mistake and outright negligence. While each incident is different — and individual liability varies according to the specifics — cases typically handled by a child injury lawyer include:

  • School and daycare accidents: Understaffed facilities are common sites for child injuries. Institutions and caregivers can be held legally responsible if it is determined that a child injury
    occurred as a direct result of their negligence.
  • Product or equipment failure: Any company manufacturing a toy or other product intended for children must take extra precautions to be sure it is safe for use by all ages. Unfortunately, dangerous toys and defective playground equipment are common. When either results in an injury to your child, initiating legal action is one of the fastest ways to draw attention to the issue and prevent other children from being harmed.
  • Unsafe premises: Children are more vulnerable than adults to injuries caused by unsafe premises. Property owners must take appropriate precautions if they know children will be accessing their facilities. In the event of an accident, a child injury lawyer can advise if filing an unsafe premises claim is an option.

Seeking Damages for a Child’s Injury

Generally speaking, most parents seek damages primarily for medical expenses, including hospital fees, surgeries and any rehabilitation necessary during their child’s recovery. This can be done either through insurance or by filing a personal injury lawsuit. Often, legal action is reserved for cases in which no insurance is present, or the settlement alone is not enough to cover expenses.

The lawyers at Potomac, MD’s Shulman Rogers have represented clients in wide range of child injury cases. Whatever the best option for proceeding is, our child injury attorneys will provide aggressive representation both at the negotiating table and before a judge.

Put Your Child’s Health First

Many parents are reluctant to fully explore their legal options in the event of an accident. It’s important to remember, however, that the purpose of filing an insurance claim or lawsuit is not to punish the individual responsible. By taking action, you are ensuring your child has access to the medical resources he or she needs to experience the best recovery.

Based in Potomac, MD, the child injury lawyers at Shulman Rogers serve clients throughout the state of Maryland and the Washington, DC metro area. Your initial consultation with our team is always free. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.