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Birth Injuries In Maryland

Attorneys For Maryland Birth Injuries

Few medical professionals deal with more vulnerable patients than those involved in birth and pregnancy. While most practitioners genuinely want what’s best for their clients, mistakes do happen, particularly in today’s underfunded and understaffed facilities.

If you’ve been injured during childbirth, or your child has suffered a permanent disability as a result of a doctor’s negligence, a medical malpractice lawsuit may be able to help you attain compensation that will make life easier as you deal with the repercussions. The birth injury lawyers at Potomac, MD’s Shulman Rogers offer both compassion and knowledgeable counsel during this difficult time. We can assess your case and help you decide whether or not pursuing legal action will be beneficial.

Avoidable Causes of Birth Defects

There are a number of ways a routine delivery can go wrong. Fast, professional intervention during these times is essential to ensuring the health of the child. Failure to notice the signs of trouble and act accordingly is a major cause of birth defects such as cerebral palsy and brain injury.

Doctors must use every tool at their disposal — including sonograms, blood tests and patient history — to watch for fetal issues such as low heart rate, improper positioning, umbilical cord compression and premature separation of the placenta. When a doctor neglects to do so, they put both mother and child at risk. If an injury is the result of this type of negligence, they may be held liable for damages.

Maternal Injury

Ensuring the health of the mother is another important role of a supervising physician during delivery. Complications due to unsterilized tools or bacterial infections can have long-lasting consequences that require extended hospitalization. If you’ve been injured during childbirth, you may be able to seek compensation from the doctor or facility responsible. Contact a birth injury lawyer at Shulman Rogers for more information about your options.

Why Sue for Damages?

The emotional and physical trauma of a difficult birth is something most people would care not to revisit. For many, however, filing a birth injury lawsuit is an unavoidable necessity when additional medical bills begin to pile up. Others see it as a way of gaining closure on a trying event or exposing unsafe conditions and systemic neglect. In either case, at Shulman Rogers we respect and sympathize with your wishes and strive to minimize stress during any legal proceedings you choose to initiate.

Whatever your reasons are for pursing legal action following a birth injury, the lawyers at Maryland’s Shulman Rogers will work with you towards a positive outcome. Located in Potomac MD, we serve clients throughout the state of Maryland and the DC metro area.

When you contact us for your free initial consultation with a birth injury attorney, you’ll be treated with compassion and understanding. We have a strong desire to fully understand the facts of your case. Each situation and each birth is different — by taking the time to hear your story, we’ll be able to better resent you in court or in negotiations with your insurance company. Schedule your free consultation with a Shulman Rogers birth injury attorney today and take this important step in the healing process.