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Uber Crash Kills 20-Year-Old in Miami-Dade

20-year old Pablo Sanchez Jr. died in a car accident in December.

In the wake of an Uber crash causing the tragic death of 20-year-old Pablo Sanchez, Jr., the policy debate regarding regulation of Uber drivers continues. In the early morning hours of December 27, Sanchez was riding home from downtown Miami to his parents’ home in Country Walk when his Uber driver turned into oncoming traffic, overturned, and caught fire. Sanchez became trapped inside the vehicle and died. Left without any other form of justice, the family of Sanchez has decided to pursue wrongful death claims against the drivers involved in the collision and Uber.

The family’s lawsuit against Uber is focusing on the company’s reliance on drivers who are often “moonlighting” for supplemental income after already working one or more full-time jobs. This highlights one issue in the ongoing debates about the regulation of Uber drivers to ensure whether or not they will not fall asleep behind the wheel. Sanchez’s father’s comments to the press are telling – “You don’t know who’s going to drive your son[.] These people, you can call them at any time of the night.”

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