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9-Year-Old Struck and Killed on Maine Wharf; Mediation Set to Reach Settlement with Driver

In August 2013, a New York City woman drove into a crowd of people waiting at the Port Clyde Wharf for a ferry to Monhegan. The woman was initially stopped behind another vehicle, but then suddenly accelerated, struck the vehicle in front of her and then continued and struck a building before hitting the crowd of pedestrians waiting for the ferry. Of several victims, one 9-year-old boy was tragically killed. His mother suffered pelvic fractures, bladder perforation and internal bleeding, and his 6-year-old brother was also injured and hospitalized. The attorney for the boy’s family has recently filed a notice with the Knox County Court so the parties may have time to pursue a resolution through mediation. The driver did not test positive for any alcohol or drugs and local law enforcement has declined to file criminal charges.

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