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Texas Chicken Truck Accident Settled for $27.5 Million for Infant’s Severe Brain Damage

In Waco, Texas, a $27.5 million personal injury settlement has recently been approved. A mother and her two young children, one 2 years old and the other 2 weeks old at the time, were waiting to turn when a Sanderson Farms truck hit the back of their car at 57 mph and pushed them into oncoming traffic. The lawsuit alleged the truck driver worked “long and irregular hours” and facts came forth showing the driver fell asleep at the wheel after working 67.5 hours the week before.

The older child survived with minor injuries, while the mother sustained a compound fracture of her left arm among other injuries. The 2-week-old, however, suffered a fractured skull, brain damage and a collapsed lung. The severity of the injuries caused over half of the infant’s brain mass to die. He is now 3 years old but cannot walk, crawl or speak.

A Waco judge has approved the settlement following two mediation sessions between the parties. The settlement funds will be paid from three insurance companies for Sanderson Farms and go into three trust accounts that will safeguard the long-term financial support for the child’s health care and educational needs. Attorneys for both sides have commented on Sanderson Farm’s acceptance of responsibility and see this settlement as directed towards helping the child attain the best quality of life possible.

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