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Lawsuits filed over Exploding E-Cigarettes

Vicente Garza shows his hand that is missing part of his left index finger as a result of an exploding e-cigarette. Gregory L. Bentley held a press conference with his client Vicente Garza, who lost a finger and suffered severe burns to his tongue and mouth from an exploding e-cigarette. Glendale, CA. 11/19/2015 (photo by John McCoy/Los Angeles News Group)

Three men in California have filed lawsuits over injuries sustained when their electronic cigarettes blew up. The first man suffered second degree burns to his neck, ear and face, in addition to facial fractures. The second man suffered burns to his leg when the cigarette exploded in his pocket, and his treatment required skin grafts. The third man lost half of his finger and suffered shattered teeth as a result of using the product.

These e-cigarettes have been exploding due to cheap batteries and other components, 90% or more of which are manufactured in China where there is no accountability once these products reach the U.S. These lawsuits seek to hold the importers, wholesalers and distributors of these products accountable for better quality control for the products they are selling to the public. Electronic cigarettes are currently a growing, multi-billion dollar industry that has very little regulatory oversight.

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