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Urologist Faces Lawsuit for Misdiagnosis of Bladder Cancer

In Las Vegas, Nevada, the widow of a patient has filed a lawsuit against her late husband’s urologist for the misdiagnosis and mistreatment of bladder cancer. The lawsuit alleges the urologist failed to diagnose bladder cancer based upon findings of blood in the patient’s urine and findings on a CT scan suggestive of cancer. Further, the urologist performed a bladder repair surgery that allegedly caused the cancer to spread into the patient’s pelvis. Unfortunately, the patient suffered serious complications including ureter blockages, kidney infection, and his untimely death, all of which the widow and her attorneys claim would most likely have been prevented with proper diagnosis and treatment. Apparently this is the second lawsuit filed against this urologist within the past year arising out of the death of a patient.

Read the article at Las Vegas Review-Journal.