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Case Studies

Personal Injury

$95,000 Settlement for Injured Pedestrian

Mike Nakamura recently settled a case involving a pedestrian in Montgomery County.  The client, a retired gentleman, was a pedestrian in the crosswalk and properly proceeding with the “Walk” signal.  The defendant driver was not paying attention and turned into …

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Pedestrian Struck by Taxi in District of Columbia

After our client was struck by a taxi in Washington, D.C., she was home for 6 months with post-concussive symptoms, neurologist deficits, and suffered from chronic fatigue.  On most days she was barely able to get out of bed, resulting …

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Six-Figure Settlement Achieved in Prince George’s County Pastoral Abuse Case

Our client, an adult woman in her 20s, joined Church Doe, headed by Pastor Doe, a married minister.  Our client was recently divorced and emotionally vulnerable after discovering that her husband had a second family and left her homeless and …

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Successful Mediation for Montgomery County Client after Dog Bite Injury

Karl Protil and Mike Nakamura recently settled a case involving a dog bite. Our client was a friend and neighbor of the Defendant; the Defendant was out of town and was running late on the day of his return. Our …

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$540,000 Settlement in Maryland Tractor-Trailer Accident

Mike Nakamura recently settled a case involving a tractor-trailer accident in Charles County. Our client was stopped at a red light in Waldorf, Maryland. The defendant, operating the tractor trailer, approached the intersection as his light turned yellow. He sped …

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Automobile Case Settlement – Frederick County, Virginia

Karl Protil settled a personal injury automobile case in Virginia for $138,000. The plaintiffs were injured when the defendant lost control of his vehicle, crossed the median, and struck the plaintiffs in a head-on collision.…

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$3.25 Million Settlement for Injured Pedestrian

Shortly before Thanksgiving, our team gave some firm clients a lot to be thankful for.

Mike Nakamura settled a case for $3.25 million involving a pedestrian accident in Frederick County where a woman was run over in the crosswalk. As …

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