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Case Studies

Pedestrian Struck by Taxi in District of Columbia

After our client was struck by a taxi in Washington, D.C., she was home for 6 months with post-concussive symptoms, neurologist deficits, and suffered from chronic fatigue.  On most days she was barely able to get out of bed, resulting in her being unable to work.  The taxi company denied responsibility and the client’s own disability insurance denied coverage.  She had no one fight for her until the Shulman Rogers Personal Injury team stepped in.

After a fierce deposition of the taxi driver, the taxi company’s insurance tendered within 48 hours, quickly followed by a $100,000 aggregate settlement from the UIM carrier.  Within the weeks that followed, and another fierce battle with the disability carrier, Shulman Rogers obtained 100% of the disability benefits our client was entitled to before she was able to return to work full time.

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