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Medical Malpractice

$800,000 Settlement in Failure to Diagnose Lung Cancer – Montgomery County, Maryland

Karl Protil settled a failure to diagnose lung cancer case, winning $800,000 for the victim. A Maryland radiology group failed to properly interpret a lung x-ray and CT scan, resulting in a two year delay in diagnosing lung cancer. The …

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$3.3 million verdict in medical negligence case

HERBERT AND JENNIFER HOLLEY V. WILTON NEDD, MD In a 5 day contested trial, a District of Columbia jury returned a verdict against Dr. Wilton Nedd in the amount of $3.3 million. The case involved negligence by Dr. Nedd which …

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Medical Malpractice Case Successful Against Local Hospital

Karl J. Protil, Jr.  of SRGPE obtained a verdict of $769,081.71 in a 5 day jury trial in Prince Georges County, Maryland. The case involved severe injuries to a patient at Prince Georges Hospital. The patient sustained a fractured neck …

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$3.3 Million Settlement in Birth Injury/FTCA Claim


Army health care providers failed to recognize and promptly react to Baby Rodriguez’ stress on fetal heart monitors and immediately delivering the child at the U.S. Army Hospital, Beaumont Medical Center, Texas.  As a result, …

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