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Multiple Six Figure Settlement in Tragic Auto Collision

Mike Nakamura recently settled a wrongful death and survival claim involving the death of a young mother.  Mrs. Jane Doe was driving two of her four children home from soccer practice when a driver crossed the center line and collided into her vehicle.  She was critically injured, and both boys were injured as well, one more severely than the other.  All three were all transported via helicopter to area hospitals.  Mrs. Doe tragically passed away, and both of her sons survived.

Representing the surviving husband and all four of the Doe children, Mike obtained the maximum amount available under the driver’s policy for the Doe family, and also negotiated an additional sum from another insurance policy for the more seriously injured boy, despite several difficult insurance coverage issues which were contested by the underinsured motorist carrier.  To protect the privacy of the family and the identities of the minor children, we have used the surname Doe and omitted the exact settlement amount in this summary.  The case occurred in Maryland.

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