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Mike Nakamura Secures $5M for Birth Injury Victim and Family

Mike Nakamura secured $5 million from the federal government for Jenifer and Sean Mochocki, a U.S. Air Force officer, and their baby. The settlement, which includes a combination of cash and structured annuities that will generate much more than $5 million for the Mochocki family, resolves a medical malpractice suit against doctors at a Florida naval hospital for failing to order a cesarean section despite signs of fetal distress over several hours, resulting in permanent brain damage to the baby.

“This settlement provides millions for the care of baby Mochocki, and it also provides payments to both parents. This was a very good outcome in the case, especially in an environment not known for significant pro-plaintiff awards,” Nakamura said.

This settlement is the latest in a consistent string of million dollar-plus results Mike Nakamura has achieved for birth and brain injury victims. Along with other cases in Florida, Nakamura has achieved seven-figure results for victims in Virginia, South Carolina and Texas.

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